Fine dining
Best quality of service to deliver an unforgettable experience. Get to know iiko's fine dining features like Serving Courses management or Open Price.
Keeping it fine
Floor plans
Graphical floor plans allow your servers to quickly find tables and orders. Built-in reports will give you a hint on improving your floor plan layout.
Table Reservations
Keeping your reservation ledger has never been easier, now you can access it on any POS. Add details like number of guests or occasion, and print the Reserved table right from the POS. Reservations are visible on the graphical floor plan too!
Party Prepayments
If there's a party or banquet, you may want to take a prepayment to purchase ingredients. This will be kept in the system and accounted on check out.
Serving Courses
Make sure your guests get what they ordered on time and at the same time. Let them focus on their occasion, while the system will take care of their order flow.
Modifiers & Comments
Use Modifiers to add information to an item, e.g. to let customers choose the cooking for a steak or the sauce for a salad.

If the information could not be defined beforehand, this data is stored in the system as a Comment, e.g. "Do not add parsley..".
Custom Price
When your guests are asking for the individual recipe, or an item that is not on the menu, the price of that can to be set on the spot.
Point of Sale
Dine in features in an intuitive UI
Rooms & tables

Rooms make it easy to locate the orders by introducing adjustable graphical view of tables.

Customisable quick menu

Adjust the quick menu to greatly reduce the time required for bumping the order.
Split orders made easy

Your servers will love the intuitiveness of order splitting in iiko
Built-in loyalty system

The system will see to your guests getting the discount or a gift item once they earn it.
Use preparation plans to always be ready for sales.
Automatic Sales Forecast

Sales forecasts are automatically created every week and do not require any human intervention, although they are easily adjustable via a user-friendly UI. Using this tool, an in-store manager can way better prepare for the week!
Consumption Forecast

The system will let you know how much ingredients you will need to support your next week's sales! Now not only you know your detailed inventory consumption for the past periods, but also for the weeks ahead!
Preparation Plans

Every ingredient you set up within the system can have a nutrition and allergen info assigned to it. The system will use this info to automatically calculate nutrition values for menu items, and add "contains allergens" mark to those.
Forecast-based Purchasing

Never stay out of stock with iiko's built-in purchasing system. Based on the forecast and negotiated prices, iiko will automatically suggest ingredients to order. If your supplier supports EDI, you will not even have to call or email!
Real-time and High-precision are two words to describe Inventory functionality of iiko. See how those can complement your business success!
Nested Recipes

No matter how complex your recipe structure is, iiko can handle it. Unlimited nesting (a recipe inside a recipe inside a recipe) allows you to account for commonly used products like sauces, doughs or any semi-finished items.
Yield Percentages

Every line in a recipe in iiko has 3 quantity fields: gross quantity, net quantity, output quantity. Yield is what makes them different: depending on the cooking process the ingredient undertakes, it can gain or lose weight (e.g. when you peel a potato, it loses weight, and when you boil it, it gains water). This feature allows for a very precise calculation of your ideal ingredient consumption.
Nutrition and Allergens

Every ingredient you set up within the system can have a nutrition and allergen info assigned to it. The system will use this info to automatically calculate nutrition values for menu items, and add "contains allergens" mark to those.
Mobile Inventory Count

Get your inventory counting to the next level with iiko's Mobile Inventory. Reduce your kitchen counting time to as little as 20 minutes! Now you can count your stock faster, thus bringing in way better precision to your Food Cost calculation!
Being always ready to serve your customers requires accurate schedule management, as well as maintaining a high esteem within your team. See what iiko can offer to help improving personnel efficiency.

Attendance Tracking

There's no need for time tracking system if you have iiko, you already got one! The system will record every clock-in and clock-out, precisely calculating the time worked.

Payroll Calculation

Cost of Labor is one of the essential blocks forming your P&L structure, so it needs proper attention. With iiko, you can remain focused on your business, and the system will the payroll based on schedule, attendance, hourly rates and incentive programs. All this in real time!

Incentive Programs

Build motivated team by introducing incentive programs for every team member. The program can be as simple as just sales percentage, or as complex as multi-stage goals to sell selected items. You can create programs for non-customer-facing team members (e.g. cooks) too!


Adjust the schedule to reflect your business needs, select how many servers, cooks or bartenders you need to cover the expected revenue. The system will track the planned / actual worked time for you.
Improve repeat business with iiko's highly customisable loyalty and promotion programs.
One Customer Database

When you have multi-store business, it's important to keep good track of your guests, to deliver same finest quality in every location they decide to visit tonight. To meet this requirement, iiko keeps one customer database across all your stores.
Returning Customers

Help your guests to chose your property again and again by introducing a loyalty program. It also make sense to send an invitation over email to those who have not been visiting recently. This can be done by the system automatically.
Marketing Campaigns

Create deals and campaigns to drive your customers' average spend go up or encourage your guests to invite their friends by introducing a reward program for referencing customers!
Integration with CRM

Although iiko provides powerful tools for working with customer database, it's not intended to be a CRM system. But fear not, thanks to rich API, iiko can be integrated with CRM of your choice.
Get complete visibility and control over your business with real time analytics
Metric-based analytics

Iiko keeps your data in a format relevant to your business. Along with common, suitable for all business types metrics like Revenue, Food Cost or Time Worked, iiko comes packed with business-specific metrics like Table Turnover Time, or Revenue per Square Meter.
Configurable reports

Configure your own reports, combining tiles, tables, charts and more or choose the ones you like from pre-defined configurations. All reports are updated in realtime and you can access the data online using 24/7.
Lightning fast reports

We truly believe that slow report loading is not acceptable, no matter whether you fetch data for one store or one hundred. With iiko fetching a report never takes more than 5 seconds!
Data in your pocket

All the reports you configured for the above-store team, can be accessed through mobile App, that is available for iOS and Android devices.
Stay informed with automatic alerts
Automatically generated alerts will deliver important updates about your business directly to the employees that need to get them, using e-mail or a dedicated Telegram channel.
Why iiko?
Nowadays there are so many POS solutions, and new ones are emerging every month, so what makes iiko stand out?
Intuitive and Realtime
We have invested heavily in usability of iiko POS, making it possible to reduce in-store team training time up to 20 times compared to legacy systems.
Robust and Feature-rich
Based on the experience of 22,000 restaurants of all possible kinds we can proudly state that iiko can support any type of business while delivering rock-solid stability to your daily operations.
Multi-store Support
Does not matter if you already have hundreds of stores or just plan to have them in future, iiko comes ready. Multi-store capabilities are always there when you need them, at no extra cost.
Future Proof
All your data is securely stored in the cloud, making it available 24/7 from anywhere. Our extended API's provide all the means to extend core functionality (e.g. integrate with a new payment provider, or specific supplier's EDI).
Our only focus is hospitality business, so everything we do is aimed at your business success.
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